Rosary Beads

7th May 2018:

Mary Browne from Meath gave us some rosary beads to bring to our people who are Catholics, who love their beads and wear them every day.

These came to the fore when the Catholic Church Bishops took on the then Dictator Kamuza Banda in an Easter Pastoral Letter suggesting! that enough was enough and it was time to go. The other churches rowed in  and after a tiny bit of commotion, he moved on.

Most catholics still wear rosary beads around their necks every day.

When we called out the girls from  Form 3, there were so few.
It was wonderful to realise that no one knew how many of any religion er were supporting from our 260 girls, maybe a little bit of a rare occurance in Malawi where evangelization comes with so many NGO efforts.

The girls  were delighted with their new beads and excited going home with their new gifts.

Thanks Mary

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