Beautiful Sarah ..... A portrait

but she doesn't know it.....(that she is beautiful)

I had the full intention of posting a shot for Abstract Thursday and I do have several......Maybe some or one in Extra but I got waylaid into testing the light in another room where I was having my hair done and since my test subject was Sarah, my hairdresser, I thought that it had turned out beautifully and I couldn't then go in to the palaver of fiddling around with pictures for the abstract. I think Sarah said No don't publish anything until I have my hair and makeup done  go ahead and post what you like, I don't care. 

So that's more or less the story for today. Funny that driving in to Stirling took so much longer than driving back home. Lovely scenery there and back but I couldn't stop. Sunny day but we cant say warm yet in Scotland. Another extra of my hair before and after treatment

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