Cooling legs

The girls repeated the exercise today but I learnt that Grandma was doing the childminding. Wish I had the opportunity to do some grandparenting duties.

There was an item on Bavarian TV this afternoon about "Surrogate Grandparents", a voluntary free service for parents who for whatever reason can't dedicate the necessary time for their children and don't have grandparents still alive or living close by. It is not a free babysitting service but truly meant for the grandparent to spend time with the children playing, reading, painting etc. Listening to one of these Grans, it was interesting to hear that the children can very well differentiate between the "blood" grandparents and the "borrowed" ones. I rather liked a phrase I saw somewhere: "If grandparents didn't exist, children would invent them".

Today's ride seemed to take a quantum step forward. MrsMY was still aching from the unusual saddlery and I suspect it will take a few more weeks and months but Rosie seems to have come alive after years of dormancy. She thoroughly enjoyed being ridden and even voluntarily got into the swing of things. She is clearly enjoying the experience as much as MrsMY.

Again Flash and I met them at the halfway point as the horses had a cool down in a stream. Luna again disapprovingly got in the car but I suspect she was secretly quite pleased as the outbound session had been the "fast work" and she was quite exhausted. Luna's body mass index is not optimal as the vet pointed out recently! Looks like it will improve if things continue this way.

Eventually, the girls returned and the sun had come out and it was now very warm. I think they must have been out for a good two hours.

I did some pottering around in the garden trying to sow some seeds and get things moving. Everything takes twice as long with the chickens about. No sooner do you start preparing the soil than the girls arrive to help and the struggle starts to find appropriate security measures to put in place.

Was a fabulous day again and Saturday looks good too - another ride planned for the morning.

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