105 (previously 106, and before that105)

The distance from our house to Aylestone Meadows is less than 3 miles. This is my first visit! 
I went in search of wildflowers, there are quite a few.
But, even more surprising was coming across a 15th century Packhorse Bridge. 
Wow, I'm going back there.
The image is not the bridge, obvs... here is a link
In the extra
Another collage... my recently added FB group 'Wildflowers of Great Britain and Ireland' disapprove of collage images... oh dear, I only wish they hadn't told me that! :-))
I don't think I can identify any of these but my wild guess is
1) Dunno, probably Lady's Smock, seems to trip me up enough times...
2) Periwinkle -lesser or greater, who knows?
3) Sedge... which type, I give up!
4) Marsh Violet. .. Ground Ivy,  previously and correctly identified, tsk, tsk, :-)

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