We meet not only sheep, cows, horses and donkeys here, but in a field we saw two ostriches. They were so curious, and came near the fench, I stepped back because I am not familiar with the behavious of with these funny animals.
He/she does not care about the hairdo, and why should she?
There is though a touch of self-awareness in them, or am I making that up, because of the piercing eyes?
In the afternoon dear friends from Holland visited us. They had enjoyed a trip to the High Sauerland and on their way back home, they came to see us.
They had been our first visitors in 2008 when the house had been nearly empty. We visit each other once in a while when we are staying in The Hague. So nice to catch up, a pity they left us again, too soon in our opinion. The weather marvellous again, feels really like summer.
An extra photo of the ostrich, and a pretty message we saw near a doorbell of a house. It says: To live, to love and to laugh here!

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