Back to Grimsthorpe Park again today, for a field meeting with the South Lincolnshire Flora Group. Although the weather was mostly cool and grey, it was ideal for wandering through  areas of species-rich limestone grassland and exploring more recent limestone quarries.

In our meanderings we came across several skippers, perched on the top of grasses, very reluctant to fly. I dithered about which skipper to post, but in the end I opted for the photograph of a grizzled skipper, largely because I've never really had a good look at the underside before. I've also added a dingy skipper as an extra. This image was taken on a steep bank when light levels were very low, presaging the arrival of a rain.

I arrived home about half past three, changed into some smarter clothes and drove to Elton for a christening barbecue, held in a marquee. Unfortunately the rain became heavier and more persistent, and the temperature dropped - such a shame after all the beautiful summery weather in the previous week, But the food and company were good, and I think everyone had a good time, even if many of the children were soaked through to the skin by the end of the day!

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