Is the Tablet mightier than the Pen?

Two of my current 'toys'. On the one hand I have a lovely old fashioned ink pen that is beautiful to write with. The only problem is that I normally end up with ink all over my fingers! Then alternatively I can use my Asus Android Tablet (with attachable keyboard). This has also got a Kindle app and loads of other business and social tools. How could we ever survive without these ?

So, now we have a dilemma. Should I write in pen and ink? or should I attempt to type in some MS Word equivalent application. What is the difference? Is it more creative to write in the old fashioned way? Does it provide more of a kind of old fashioned satisfaction enabling creativity and more artistic endeavours. Or, do I need to write more functionally, email, save, duplicate, print and become more of an automaton? You cannot blip with a pen!! you cannot doodle with a Tablet!

Pen or Tablet, Tablet or Pen? Pen and Tablet? Pen for Social, Tablet for Work?

This is progress.......

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