Ahhh well

Poor Suri had a great Eurovision song in my opinion but the stage was invaded and her microphone was taken. She was right to decide against a repeat performance- she deserved to do well but it seems the UK is not as liked as it once was and we won’t do well in Eurovision for the foreseeable. Really liked Denmark and Sweden tonight but I seem to be in the minority.

Denmark was like a Viking British airways advert soundtrack and Sweden was a big nod to George Michael and a little Michael Jackson setting and dancing. A diverse show full of political messages.

Did some mowing and raking in the garden and have tackled about a third of it- it took ages as the grass was about a foot high! I was hoping for green lushness underneath the mower big but the land needed scarification and lots of it, need to treat it tomorrow. Trimmed the hedge so my neighbour will be pleased, it looked unkempt at my side.

I’ve eaten more picnic eggs and crisps than you can shake a stick at today!

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