One leg good; two legs better

On what is the umpteenth day of continuous and unbroken sunshine (from 5am until nearly 10pm every day...), we enjoyed a final morning with our guests. They had already visited the Sibelius Monument and Regatta yesterday, but that didn't stop us going there again this morning, and we had a lovely sit by the water lapping up the sunshine and the warm gentle wind.

After that, we just wandered. I wanted to show show B the grebe, and from there we wandered on until we got to the beach, where B and I both paddled. There is photographic evidence! It was positively warm until you walked a bit further out, where the Baltic cold started to set in. Very pleasant indeed. Onwards, over the rocks, and down the sea shore path to Lapinlahde, where I saw my first Finnish cherry tree which is in blossom! Only a couple of weeks behind Edinburgh, and not in such profusion - cherries aren't really a big tree here. We doubled back through the cemetery, and headed finally for home, for drinks and snacks before they headed off into town. They have one more night in the city, so we supplied them with suggestions for coffees (blue cafe), dinner (Alfons - of course!), and lunch tomorrow (El Fant). With so much experience of travelling, they are incredibly easy guests to have around the place - they found their way in the city very quickly, and made use of one of the 48 hour public transport tickets. We cannot host them tonight as we are off ourselves in a couple of hours. Home! Well, who knows if it's home. When I said to the assembled company that I was looking forward to going home for a few days, Mr A suggested that what I meant was I was looking forward to being in Helsinki. Indeed. Where's home right now? Well, certainly tomorrow it will be an Edinburgh blip, so I'll let you know if it feels like home.

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