Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Impromptu surfing

The seas are up and, naturally, when they are a lot of people head to the harbour for a surf on the right break off the breakwall.  Surfing is very much an impromptu thing in my books.  You can't plan in advance what you will do with a wave as they are all different and you have to be ready to feel what it is doing and go with the flow so to speak.  Well OK I admit I am not a surfer but that is how it seems to me.

In other news I was very much in awe with Debbi's shot of a swallow flying the other day as they move like greased lightning.  There were lots of swallows on the breakwall today and I managed to get one or two sharp shots.  I have put one up in the extra and for all you birding blippers, I throw down the gauntlet and put out a challenge to join in and get a shot of a swallow in flight!

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