Duke of Burgundy

One of the most rapidly declining butterflies in the Uk - the Duke of Burgundy. It's usually the males you see perched and they were fighting today,  with the females  being as usual very elusive. Priority species with a high conservation priority so a great tick in the box for me.

They are tiny and flighty but once you get your eye in you can distinguish them from day-flying moths which are abundant at the moment. The female after mating can soar up to 5 km into the skies looking for an egg-laying site which would suit her needs. Amazing! She will lay under primroses or cowslips where the eggs will hatch in 2-3 weeks.

I missed the boat last year with these as they have only a small window to grab a shot but was thrilled though slightly exhausted running up and down limestone pastures in the heat. So very glad I managed to see them today! 

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