Still Here!

By Yorkhull

A heart warming story

I was waiting for my drug infusion this morning which takes place in the chemotherapy Suite. Suddenly an old man, was walking down the corridor with a nurse clearly teaching her some steps, this despite the fact he was clearly unsteady on his feet. By the time he reaches a bell, he stops and surrounding him are a dozen or more medics, many with moist eyes. I assume that this was his last treatment and they invite the patient to ring this bell by a poem of hope to mark it. It felt too private a moment to take a photo but a huge positive to the staff.

My blip is just in the chemo suite itself where I had my treatment. So the results are in, sort of....the good news is my PSA has stabilised, slightly down at 13.69 so same treatment continues which is excellent. Bone scan reported some progression but oncologist doubts this and has referred it for further analysis. It did not look much different to me. CT scan not been reported back so he is chasing it but hopeful that this will show no change. So not clear cut but present regime retained which was main purpose. So am content. And beginning to feel better overall so I can live for another day, well four weeks anyway.

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