By Viewpoint

Mum’s favourite place

Finally we're back in the NE and able to walk along mum’s favourite beach.  She once said to Ann as they walked along arm in arm, that `Heaven must be like this’, we brought her back last July and now we, my brother, Ann and I have returned to enjoy the place she loved so much.

My brother was finally reunited with his luggage at 7pm on Sunday evening and we decided it was too late to drive up, so we made the journey yesterday morning.  (I’ve had trouble connecting my laptop to the internet - hence the delay in posting this blip.)

We stopped at Warkworth on the drive up and had a lovely lunch in a cafe we haven’t visited before before driving on to Low Newton.

We walked along the beach on a stunningly beautiful evening with the sea mill pool calm.  It’s changed (as beaches do) since we last walked along here, but it’s still a favourite place. (See extra)

I chose the boat moored in St Mary’s Haven as my blip - I loved the reflections of ripples on the side of the boat.

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