On Target

There are eight targets on this sheet of A4, so they are quite tiny.  We use these sheets for setting up air gun the sights. 
This was a stray shot . . .
Another busy but satisfying day progressing on the bedside cabinets.  I adapted what we have got to fill the gap until we can get something better.  As I follow PeretB I would not dare blip my efforts with carpentry!!!
Finished early (about half past four) so Mrs W and I got the arsenal out and had some target practice, first time for a couple of years.
Following on from Madwill’s observation yesterday, it’s lucky yesterday was Monday and not today. Now that would have been a mystery . . .
Many thanks to  Riwaka7 for hosting Tiny Tuesday (even though this was not much of a ‘Mystery’).
I will get back to some commenting shortly – promise . . .

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