Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Line up the usual suspects!

Terrible day for photographing birds, and I think it's my 8th Blipday, so that wasn't the best as I wanted to take bird photos. It was foggy when I started clicking and raining when I finished. But I was stubborn and determined to have a bird photo. Or two. Or three. So here they are.

Can't believe I've been with Blip through 8 years, through thousands of earthquakes, a year out of our house while it was repaired,  through my husband's three operations and a year healing, and me having cancer treatment. And of course the good things, trips with my wonderful daughter, helping our son buy and sell a house, holidays with my husband, and being given a new lease of life after treatment.

And really making the most of the ordinary things, photography trips, the garden, walking, taking photos.

And of course my wonderful family, always there for me, and my friends - including those on Blip, some of whom I've met, and who've become lifelong friends, some I haven't met yet but would love to.

Thank you to all the people on Blip who follow my journal, I read every comment and follow your journals with great interest. It's a great community.

Onwards to the next year!

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