By Topsyturvy

Back and forth

The morning sewing group is quite some distance away and I stopped by Kirkwall on my way back to do a bit of shopping. The cathedral is always an oasis of calm, even when tourist numbers increase; somehow the noise is absorbed and dispersed in there. There was a beautiful light streaming in along the old Norman arches; another sunny day and I've spent most of it inside sewing or trying to de-fur the house before tonight's sewing group.

I love the chat and learning in these sessions. The group might think I'm 'teaching' but actually I find out so many tips and techniques too - it's wonderful :-)

LH had severe earache at 3 am last night which is a miserable thing. Not helped by miserable wife who wasn't full of tlc (well, it was 3 am!) although I did sort him out ... and then listened to his gentle breathing whilst I stayed awake. I tell you, it's amazingly light already at that time even though official sunrise is 4:37 am (I just looked it up) and sleep was elusive ... I should have just got up and got on I think!

Anyway, a trip to the doc and LH has a fistful of antibiotics plus he won his golf comp tonight. All in all his world is now OK ;-)

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