Blowing Hard

at a dandelion Clock. Other shots in extra. 
We looked after her and J today as AFSIL had an urgent meeting in Edinburgh at the last minute. That was no problem. She is a very good girl and Granny could relax again with her doing stuff together with me like watering my plants. She does like doing that and I fill up her watering can with the hose and direct her to the appropriate plant. We also went for a walk to just look at stuff and talk. Needless to say I informed her about the plants and she posed for me under lovely blossom trees and spoke to her mum on the phone on the way.  

AFSIL came round to report on his meeting and J came back with Grandad after running club.  The tiler, Ryan did a great job and I was left with the final decision. It was tricky but Mr AF did agree and so did Ryan, the tiler.  Phew, it was not easy choosing the grout.  Looking stunning at the mo but I will not blip it until the bathroom is complete.
 The plumber and joiner are coming tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing their results although more decisions to be made .......... Will have to see what happens.


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