Silver lining ?

Not sure about the silver lining this morning. It took me 2 hours exactly to do a journey that usually takes me 40 minutes in good traffic. Traffic chaos in Cheltenham and Brockworth only to later find out someone had died in a bad road traffic accident at 4:30am- it must have been horrific and tragic for those involved in the crash for the roads to be closed for so long. I saw the police taking photos . . . and all this a day after a man dies nearby on the road and an air ambulance was called (within sight of my home) very sad, both incidents at traffic accident hotspots.

Positive morning once I got to my intended destination delivering a course about building confidence in children and supporting mental health. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things I need to do but feeling hopeful. The garden is a bit of a mess, getting me down a bit, and I need to tackle it this weekend. It a funny shaped garden that's a bit too big for people who work full time.

Blip is of local graffiti and I was enthralled by the Ivy that had been sprayed silver but I suspect the Ivy was much less enthusiastic about the experience.

I recall once having to do a dance performance covered in metallic oily gold theatrical make-up (empathy with the Ivy here) and the paint tube said something like 'don't wear for more than 20 minutes on skin' as there was a danger of asphyxiation., that didn't take energetic, sweaty dancing into account. Hey ho. The fun of doing GSCE dance in the 1990's when health and safety was a phrase never hear of. I guess I'm very glad to have had that experience though in the grand scheme of things. I felt very Yul Brynner (also an amazing photographer btw), during the golden body paint dance,  if you know what I mean? Shall we dance?

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