Super girl

Any excuse to talk superheroes and a funny photo in the name of marketing. Attended a trade show today Kent Vision Live at the County Showground and spent the day talking about the benefits of location filming to businesses. Met a fair few film buffs and film extras too.

The funniest story came from the owner of a pump company who enjoys extra work in his spare time. I asked him how he got into it and this was his story...

Whilst delivering a new unit to an office in London a few years ago he met a location manager who asked if he could speak to the company about permission to film their building. He agreed on the condition he could be an extra for the production.

A week or so later he found himself in a studio with the entire cast of The Bill. He appeared in the show as a security manager several times and later in Eastenders.

He told me he pumps ‘poo’ for a living and I said that’s really important for filming on location! Funny what you talk about at trade shows.

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