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I am trying to sleep
Poor Ralph has been in the wars been to the vets 4 times
he had stopped eating or drinking lost weight 
so down the vets ,as I had my hand op all bandaged up I could not open his mouth ,I thought he was drinking from a dirty pond,as he had all black stuff round his mouth.
The visit to the vets revealed that he had been down the black bags as usual (once a stray always a stray bad habits die hard ) every wednesday night when people put out the rubbish.
the vet and I think he had tried to lick out an opened can in the bin bag,
and deeply cut his mouth,and we never knew,only when he could not touch food,he cried for food,but give it to him one lick and he ran from the bowl.when the vet showed us what his mouth was like....... I felt sick!!!, the tongue hada cut almost  the length and two more deep cuts across,all the cuts were black,( this is dead tissue) poor baby.
arranged.to put him under anesthetic to look how much damage had been done,he was given pain relief antibiotics and loxicom anti inflammatory.came home the vets gave us a syringe and some food to put into warm water so he might feed and get some nourishment.
not having that he said and pushed the other cats out of the bowls and ate everything in sight,
as he was going to be put under next day,no food from midnight.
so blocked the cat flap,locked doors. got up in the night and he was gone out through the cat flap.
so next morning took him in.could not have op. but a lot of the dead tissue had gone,next day he had eye infection,eye drops.gone back today for a check.........nice pink healed tongue... all better,just the thought of him licking an open can makes me shudder !!!!   for an old 16 yrs plus he is pretty strong old boy . gained weight fur looks good,happy days....

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