George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry


It's not a word I use very often, but honestly I was exHUASTipated.  We wented not for one walk but for two walks today, and I nearly did sit down on the second one, but SHE kept on saying, come on, darling boy, come on. (That's what she does call me sometimes - and you can't say no to that).

So I did come on, but all I wanted to do was go to sleep, and when we did get home, I did eggsactly that.  And she was a bit worried and did feel my nose which was a bit warm, and she did say I had a bit of a temperature.  Which I did, and I didn't feel very well, on account of I think I've got a bit of a cold coming.  And I have.

That means all three of us are sneezing in unison, like a chorus.  Because they do have colds too.

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