Yesterday Angie claimed Flash did a "long" walk with her. Ever since his dramatic downhill state of health which made us call the vet on 1st May to come by and give him the "final" injection, he has for the most part only wanted to walk very short distances on the twice-daily outings which he insists on having. While he often strolls around in the garden during the day with Angie and does the nightly rounding up of the chickens, that is about it.

He doesn't now get any medication whatsoever except for the "Golden Paste" Turmeric, Coconut Oil and Ground Black Pepper. It is a fight to get him to take it but there is no doubt that it is working on keeping him mobile. It won't cure him but eases the arthritic inflammation and clearly makes life liveable.

Today I thought I would try the same route. It's almost all on grass tracks that he prefers and I was quite astounded at how he set off and did the 1.23 km (1,300 yards) without any pause or special encouragement.

I don't think we can expect this every day especially when it gets warmer again but it was very heartening.

His colleague/sibling, Cindy the cat has also been improving every day and now there is nothing to show of her rather frightening "stroke" like event a few days ago.

Despite the dark grey clouds, the weather picked up mid-morning and we were able to tackle some of the jobs outdoors. Spring is beginning to return. Farmers will be happy their maize can start to shoot now with all the moisture. I suspect they were getting a bit worried last week. I hate the maize we have around here for all sorts of reasons (I do like corn to eat) and in a few months, this walk will be like walking down a tunnel. I hope my bees will stay well clear of it when it flowers.

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