A series of firsts.

Since it's not a million miles from anywhere to anywhere up here we were in easy reach of both the Dolphin(s) and the local Ospreys.
With my usual skill and efficiency I managed to take my tripod but couldn't find my mirror lens in time. 
I got a shot not dissimilar to this, but very little better with my camera's current lens. More out of curiosity than anything I tried a bit of Digiscopery using my G16 & their fixed scope. 
On the same reserve was a wee label reading "Bank Vole restaurant" - nowhere near these two.

Shortly thereafter we nipped into Carrbridge to get some "Go-juice" for the journey home. Last time I saw General Wade's bridge there were pillocks leaping off it into the river.
While getting the diesel I spotted a clue to Ronald McDonald's day-job too.
En route "home" (Camp site) we passed a ruined chapel, the name of which, no doubt, he'll remind me; where we met a friendly "Muckle Coo" who was prepared to walk the length of his field for a couple of handfuls of grass and a nose rub. Which brings me to a point of order:-
If more than one Mother-in-Law is "Mothers in law", why isn't the plural of handful of grass handsful of grass?

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