Love in the sky

Seen as we whizzed even further south. I had to fiddle about with this one to get the heart to appear properly.

I spotted a strange swooping contrail in the sky, then saw the plane drawing the other side of the heart - and finally it drew the arrow shooting through the heart! Someone must have been surprised by love, perhaps a proposal of marriage - who knows? It was a lovely thing to see. 

We arrived safe and sound after a 100 kilometer shorter journey than yesterday's 460 or so, but a trip that took longer as the roads are smaller, bendier, and much slower. Good to be on Öland with Kjell, and in Kalmar visiting Dave. It's a bit of a trek so it doesn't happen every year!

Far too tired for blipping and interneting last night after dinner with Dave and late night conversations with our host Kjell. Nice to be here!

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