what will become of us ?

By JamesCadden

Black Les Paul

This one's from 29th May 2016.  I stopped playing guitar completely from 2010 until 2015 despite having started in 1983. When I started again in 2015 I bought myself some new guitars and started customising them, this was one of them, an Epiphone '56 Les Paul Pro which I imported from Nashville along with another Epiphone, a Les Paul Custom Pro in a 5am moment of ebay madness. Now the nerdy stuff, I'd never used P90s before but whilst the stock ones were ok they were a bit shrill, imo, so I scoured the internet looking at all the different third party options but none really stood out until I saw a review of ones made by Sanford Magnetics in Canada. They're a small, one man business and I like supporting small independent businesses so I ordered a set of his low wind P90s and a set of his medium wind P90s and had a guitar tech guy I know, Ian, fit the medium wind ones to this Les Paul along with new pots, switch, capacitors and a full rewiring to Gibson 1950's spec. It completely changed the sound of the guitar for the better. I already had the bug for tweaking my guitars and it got a bit out of hand but far worse things to do with time and money.

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