I took E for her horse riding this morning at noon - yes, noon! So, we missed THE wedding in real time - we did get to see some of the reruns though and thought Meghan looked beautiful in that dress. Simple elegance with a wonderful veil/train. Amazing.  A new era for the Royals.
Well, Milo, the horse E was given to ride today behaved like a snail. He was so slow and gave E a hard time. Don't know why he was so sluggish. I know it was hot, but the other ponies behaved well; it seemed he just did not wish to be there. She did manage to get him to canter briefly and as you can see he is kicking the sand, not lifting his feet properly! 
She got very upset and when I went to see her as she was rubbing him down, she was tearful. Sad.  First time I've been to watch her ride and I did not expect that. 

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