Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


       Springerville Municipal Airport hosted a fund raiser for the local animal rescue today. I couldn't miss a blipping opportunity as I don't get out much. I came home with 250 middling shots. Couldn't make up my mind which lens to use so compromised with a wide to moderate zoom.

      We were entertained by a team of six sky divers who jumped from a 1942 vintage McDonnell Douglas DC-3 G202A. Kirby Chambliss took to the skies performing breathtaking aerobatics in the little aeroplane in the second extra.

       One could ride in this aircraft, a Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar registration N631LS, or the more spartan DC-3. I chose to ride in the Lodestar after learning of the leather seating. I faced rearward just aft of the port wing's trailing edge. Quite a ride and managed the extra featuring Escudilla, Flat Top, and The Dome after much post straightening. Quite a challenge snapping from a bucking, vibrating vintage aircraft.

       Various businesses and vendors plied their wares and well as other volunteer organizations. There was food to eat, dancing and a band in a hangar. The Round Valley Animal Rescue raised funds through raffles, silent auctions and the aircraft rides.

        What else happened today? Oh yes, there was a wedding and a big football match . . . . two big football matches.

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