Kwaka 900

The Rhododendron Parade went to plan and though I have lots of colourful photos I can't go past this. I'm hoping Hobbs, who describes such events well, will do this, and  blip The Rhodo Princess, as he's promised his fans.  I'll link to him when he's posted.

This year was the 60th birthday of the parade.  A misty, drizzly, cold day.  Only the photographers were happy.  The parade is always very popular, as it's changed very little since its inception and, I suspect, provokes a lot of nostalgia in those who come to see it.

This is a photo of my neighbour, Lester, playing with a band as a warm up to the main event.
In 1974 he was one of the bikies in the Aussie classic Stone, and explained to me today that his instrument, which he calls a Kwaka 900 is made from the exhaust pipes of the Kawasaki 900 motor bike, which he rode at the time.
He is an accomplished player of the didgeridoo, and uses the same technique to play this.  
He's also the owner of this.

He's a lovely gentle man, and quite the character.
And I think he looks better bigger

Flickr set here if interested.

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