... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Pelican Textures

More palpable a pouch and plumage in large.
Extra: Dahlia

Tricky choice... One day I'll reform.

I started the day with Dahlia macros (not entirely satisfactory; I might revisit them if there's a rainy day), but then went to St. James's Park and left the macro mounted for a change. I got amusing close-ups of the red-breasted geese, smallest Ross's goose, these pelicans preening in contrasty light, as well as some greylag goslings (both large gangly ones, and tiny toddlers).

An interesting batch on Flickr here (or right from here)
Ross's goose: portrait, ruffled neckbegging
Pelicans: portrait photobomb, aligned, criss crosspunky preener
Goslings: What-a-Mess, close-up, very close-up, peeping

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