By CoffeePotter


We went along the coast for a walk yesterday (I'm back-blipping this as we've had guests, and it wasn't right just to clear off to post my Blip yesterday) and in a very picturesque spot we came across this lovely couple who had just tied the knot. They had come to this place to have some of their photos taken. 
We wished them congratulations, and went on our way. They certainly looked very happy, the bride was beautiful, the groom was beaming with pride, and I don't think that for one minute it bothered them that they had organised their big day on what turned out to be another big day, which was watched worldwide, as they were too engrossed in each other. 
If you're wondering what was going on - she was just adjusting her dress and train for the photos. There was no-one else there to help her, just the groom and the photographer. 

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