sermons and weeds

It is either loved or hated. What am I talking about? Mare's tail. In herbal folklore, it has a number of uses, chiefly to do with healing wounds, e.g. stopping internal and external bleeding, curing stomach ulcers, and soothing inflammation of the skin. However, as many gardeners know all too well, it can also be a troublesome weed, obstructing the flow of water in rivers and ditches and being "the divil to get rid of"!
Made me think of how we determine what is good and what is bad. Yesterday's sermon at the royal wedding has divided opinion. How can the same words delivered the same way be both good and bad? Well, simply stated it is down to personal preference and choice. So be careful when you trade opinion for fact. Just because you feel something strongly doesn't mean it is either a fact or true for all. Give space for alternative views, it is well worth the effort!
And by the way, I thought the Bishop was great!

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