Chive climbing....

....a new spring sport being tried out by the tinies. Seems they enjoyed it, but found it a bit treacherous when the wind picked up! :))
More rain today and only 50 degrees (F), but everything is growing like mad, so I'm happy! Tom's been wanting to go to Arkansas to see his daughter, her family and their new house, but he doesn't want to fly because of the crowds of people at the airport that he'd be exposed to, and he feels self conscious about wearing  a mask. He said he'd prefer to drive there. I told him if he wants to go, we'll go, and since all looks good with his labs we're leaving tomorrow morning. Jennie and Mae are still off on their adventure, so my sister is coming with us so that we can switch off driving--it'll take between 11 and 12 hours to get there--& we can't wait to see them all!  Our granddaughters are so excited we're visiting & asked if I'd come to their "last day of school awards program" on Thursday (hmmm, let me think.......well of course!!!!) I probably won't be commenting while I'm gone, but we'll be back by next weekend. Hope you all have a great week! :))

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