Mottisfont's Angel

Plenty for me to get on with today to not leave the house but since I've got work and likely to be held in the house whilst workmen visit for the rest of the week I thought I'd treat myself to a couple of hours out with the camera whilst the sun shone before a hospital appointment.

Haven't been to Mottisfont, a local National Trust property for a while so headed there to check on the blooms in the walled gardens. By June the gardens will be filled with heavenly scent and colour from thousands of roses. Today there were irises and early blooms of alliums amongst other things as well as the early roses starting to bloom. However from todays shots I've chosen a mosaic angel, created by Boris Anrep in the image of Mottisfonts last owner, Maud Russell the Russain artists lover and life-long friend framed by the beautifully blooming wisteria.

The hospital appointment was to collect an insole for my shoe to help realign my left foot. Strange walking with it and having got to the exit of the hospital I about turned to return to orthotics as I was just not sure it was causing me to walk correctly. They reassured me it was and so back to the entrance for me to feel as though I twisted my ankle! Well that lasted all of five minutes... and out the shoe it came! They did warn me to slowly increase the time wearing it till I get used to it, so till tomorrow...

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