Emergency Blip or what?!

Nicky arrived late this afternoon, after a delayed flight from Hong Kong that meant we had to re-book his domestic flight to Nelson. He says he feels as though he's been travelling for days and days, having left Bahrain on the morning of the Royal wedding!  By this point, at 9.30pm, we were trying to persuade him to go to bed, Christina saying "Dad, you could get two weeks' worth of shopping in the bags under your eyes!" but he was determined to go to bed as late as possible so that he didn't wake up at 4.30am (I can tell you, as this is a back blip, that that tactic did not work!!)

As you can see, we are doing a jigsaw. Nicky is not a fan of jigsaws, but we started this one a few days ago, so it must be finished. By strange coincidence, my sister Woodpeckers has just emailed me a link to a jigsaw that features two kittens playing with an in-progress jigsaw, asking 'Toby and Tabby?'  Absolutely that's what they do, which is why we have to pack everything away and cover the puzzle when we are not actually doing it, as they always want to 'help'. The jigsaw in Woodpeckers' picture also features two trademarks of Nicky's presence: a bottle of wine and some generous hunks of cheese on crackers!

He may like his wine, but that's as far as he goes with the mind-altering substances. Christina, however, thought it would be a very funny idea to meet him at the airport with a large sign suggesting something more serious. I must admit, I tried to dissuade her from this, and was waiting outside in the car (the airport is still a nightmare for parking) so did not see his reaction to it - apparently he thought it was absolutely hilarious and laughed and laughed and then took the photo in extras. Some people were giggling, but a couple looked scandalised. One woman's jaw dropped. I said I couldn't blip the photo because someone might complain, and anyway, it might also be inappropriate for other reasons. Those two and their sense of humour - ironically, later on, it was Christina giving us a lecture on what is, and is not,  appropriate to say in these days of political correctness.

The only other option for a blip was a pic of Immy's vaccination record - she messaged me at 11.30pm in a panic because there has been a suspected case of Meningococcal disease at one of the Otago Uni Halls of Residence, and she had a strange rash on her leg a few days ago (now gone). She was rather worried... but I didn't think that was a very exciting photo for the world at large.

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