Doors - open and closing

Doors can present people with a series of problems. Sometimes they are stiff and hard to open. Sometimes they are locked, sometimes they say "Private" or "knock before entry". Sometimes they creak when opened and sometimes they are covered with cobwebs! All of these things are off-putting and create a reluctance or fear for those who wait outside.
Yet behind those doors may lie opportunities. So it is important that we operate an"open doors" attitude to others, so that people know we are approachable. This is the natural outworking of grace and generosity. It allows us to have time to listen to others, the voiceless.
I am always emotional when I listen to the song "The cat's in the cradle" when I reflect on the father-son dialogue which lacked such openess and investment in face to face engagement. I have vowed, in as much as I can, that that song will not reflect how I relate to people.
So open up the doors!

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