Wild garden and Fitbit

After all our hard work in the garden its time to relax and enjoy it. This is a corner of our wild garden, which is looking very colourful.
I wonder how many Blippers own a Fitbit or similar tracking device? Well I acquired one a few weeks ago and it went wrong. Naturally I googled it and discovered I was not alone.
After much scuttling around on the internet I found a real person, albeit in America, to talk to.
Now this is where it gets creepy. She called up my Fitbit on her screen and diagnosed the fault and told me how may steps I had taken. Yes every movement I made was recorded.
A techie friend rang and I told her my story.
“Oh yes they can track anything. Didn’t you read about the American army and their Fitbits?”
This is a link to the full story in the Washington Post

And it was a 20 year old Australian student Nathan Ruser, studying international security who stumbled across it.

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