Tiny Treasures

Dear Diary,

My violets are spectacular this year.  I do so enjoy them.  I have a small clump of Lily of the Valley in front (note to self, plant more!) and together they make such a sweet, tiny bouquet.  The daffodils are finished for this year but the iris are on their way so everyday it seems something new is blooming in the garden.  Goodness, I do love this time of year!

I buried Little Mouse by the porch stairs where we found him on Tuesday.  As I was heading out to do it I saw two large sea clam shells that I had picked up at the beach on Monday when Mary and I visited Old Orchard Beach.  I thought they would make a perfect container for Little Mouse!  So, I lined one with a soft layer of moss and some flowers and put the second one as a lid.  Someday, someone will dig around the stairs and find a clamshell with a tiny mouse skeleton laying on a bed of moss.  I wonder what they'll think?  I've added a photo of the famous pier at Old Orchard Beach and Little Mouse.  I buried the mouse from my youth that I mentioned yesterday in an English Leather cologne box in my back yard...more mouse memories4me! 

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