Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Water Texture

I took my cousin D to the hospital today at 9am to have her thumb repaired..she broke it almost 2 weeks ago and today was the first day the doctor had open to put pins in it and recast it.   We laughed and laughed as the blood pressure machine was registering her bp as high as 191/84 at time..she kept telling the nurse that it would go down with drugs..she was STRESSED!   We had to wait   until 11:30 for the doctor to finish up a surgery ahead of hers..and her bp did go down after she had some meds to calm her and a nerve block in her arm and hand.    We laughed as she kept bumping her face with her cast as she could not feel the whole arm!     She did well in the surgery and I got her home around 4...we had to stop for a late lunch (trying to eat a sloppy sandwich with her left hand and not getting the juice on her cast and sling!)  and then at the pharmacy for some pain meds.    I know she was going to lay on her bed and watch TV...or go to sleep.    We laughed alot and I told her she got the whiney, b...chy woman role just perfect!   

While waiting in the lobby for them to call me back I noticed this painting/photo and it was so shiny I moved closer to get a better look.  I think it was printed on glass!  It did not look like a print on paper or a painted painting..wrong texture.  I had the phone to take a photo but I moved back to get a bigger view so I lost some of the clarity.     I love the blue lines with the tiny bit of green with the texture being so smooth and shiny.     

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