White on white

We were up early - do we ever sleep late? - and went to do the milk, paper, croissant delivery to Maddie's house. The boy was still in bed after a restless night although he was pleased to be home. He is living on painkillers and fluids at the moment and can move on to pureed food next week, bless him. We are going back later today to see how he is. I will know he is recovering when he tells me to stop fussing!
The sun actually shone today - first time in ages. Hubby had to go off to you know where so I set off on a butterfly hunt. There were lots of whites and a few Speckled Woods but not much else. The extra is a female Orange Tip - I think - posing by the traffic lights on the main road. I got some funny looks from people in the cars which kept stopping at the traffic lights as I was precariously perched on a muddy bank. I suppose I provided some amusement for them.

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