Waiting to cross the Clyde

Normally there is little if any queue for the Western Ferries service across  the Clyde but the combination of the holiday weekend and some spectacularly good weather meant that when we turned up just before 3.00pm (Cathleen and I having spent last night in Edinburgh in order  to have dinner with my brother John who was visiting)  waiting vehicles were strung out on the road half a mile  outside the normal marshalling yard.

We thought about driving round,  the option of which of course makes Cowal a much easier place to get to than all the other parts of my constituency that are served by ferries, but instead we elected to wait and we were glad we did because the company cleared the backlog very efficiently.  Using their four boats and both link-spans on both sides  (which is  an innovation  only possible in the last few weeks) we were on board and on our way in less than an hour.   

We stood out on the deck as we crossed and the sun was really hot - something unusual on the Clyde it has to be said.   And the forecast remains good too....

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