Art and Science

Is there a God? Or as we just machines?
A theologian and neuroscientist got together for discussion on consciousness at Hay Festival today.
These are questions I was wanting asked, and I am sure others did too .
But the ex Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Hannah Critchlow, both from Magdalene college, Cambridge steered clear of any mention of God, Heaven, Hell or even souls as they discussed some of the latest research into consciousness.
At one point the neuroscientist wired up Rowan Williams and placed electrodes on his head and we watched as he meditated and saw his brainwaves level out.
In a wide-ranging discussion they both agreed animals have feelings and this raises a lot of moral and ethical questions about our exploitation of animals.
Earlier we visited Lucy Corbett, founder of the Welsh  Academy of Art, who was doing a demonstration of portrait painting in Cwmdu Studios, part of Crickhowell Open Studios.

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