Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Good to have her back

Lazy morning for most (not me I was out on the bike), followed by a walk into town with C. Claire's and Waterstones. She bought four books in the latter but nothing in the former. We went to Unikorn, where I plan to have her ears pierced in July (her choice to have them done, my choice to have them done by a professional piercer!) and the lovely lady explained the process of how they use a labret to do the initial piercing, change the end 7 days later and then change it again after five to six weeks. The variety of ends for the labret was massive so C was happy with the whole idea and clearly pleased I wasn't suggesting Claire's, where a number of her friends have had issues!

Met Jim and Will for coffee, then Jim and C walked home while I collected a parcel of lube for my bike, with W then followed them home.

C had a swim party tonight that didn't finish until 9pm! She was showing signs (unsurprisingly) of tiredness by the end of today so not much planned for tomorrow, bar z trip to see Solo at the cinema.

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