Rainy Rest Day

Had to have a rest day and apart from the most important chores I did nothing but read and doze, it was so nice.

At about 4.30pm Toto was insisting that we go out. I checked the sky and it didnt look good, checked the radar which confirmed my visuals that there was a small window before more rain was about to hit.

I figured we should give it a try anyway and off we went, but remembered I had to get petrol so that delayed us a little. We got to our favourite river spot after it rained all the way. We jumped out of the car because it had stopped momentarily and walked around on the lawn for about 4 minutes before it started again, into the car and home. Toto was thrilled with his little outing and fell asleep instantly as if he'd walked 10km haha lol ;o)

The image is showing the very small break in the clouds through the pampas grass and I've put another one in the extra's which was from the kitchen window looking south towards the city when we got back. Another wave of rain was coming through but above that were some clouds that had turned pink from the sunset. It's not a great shot and within a minute or so they were gone but it shows the state of the day ;o)

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