Today was the day I did weekly cleaning of the floors. My biggest achievement of the day.

I also made two dresses (no pictures yet) and made couple of hiking articles for our local paper. They have one issue out every month and I have promised to have a hike for each month for at least for the rest of the year. It does not pay anything, but it's nice to get to show my pictures for people and possible offer ideas about hiking routes near the area.

Today we decided of the layout and some recurring things in the section like what to bring with you when hiking. Also made a decision to use Google Maps as our referral navigator as it seems to work here better than other GPS devices. It's been quite fun and I am quite excited to hear what people think especially since the section is called "hiking for dummies" at the moment. Not sure if it will be published as such. I suggested "hiking with dummies". :-D

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