Tess and Leon's wedding festival

We drove to Dorset today to go to Tess and Leon's wedding being held at their smallholding in the north of the county, not far from Sherborne. The plan had been to camp overnight in their field but the dire weather predictions for the evening and next day put us off, especially as Helena hadn't been feeling too well.

Our drive was delightful being guided by the satnav through the wondrous remote twisting old drove roads with hardly a car in sight. We will do that again. We arrived an hour before proceedings were to start and found a busy campsite set up close to the pigs, goats and geese and chickens. 

Tess is an old friend of ours but we don't see them often enough. Some years ago she met Leon and five years ago they moved to this farm land  they had bought and set up a brand new home where they could live very close to the land.

The wedding was held in a marquee and celebrated by a registrar who was up for fun. I started taking some pictures and never stopped which Tess and Leon are pleased about. This will be my first 'wedding' event! I'm still looking through the glut of images but I've decided to post this blip from much later, in the early evening just before we drove home. 

I spotted that this group had gathered for someone else who was also taking pictures, so I gatecrashed the set-up. Right in the middle of the picture is Tess, and behind her is Leon the tallest man in the group, and the three people nearest to me are her three children Jim (in the hat), Kitty and Mickey, with the beautiful blond and dark hair respectively. They were terrific fun, smiling and laughing all day, and they played up to my camera which was why this is my choice of blip to celebrate a wonderful day.

May they have a wonderful life together, and we hope to be back to stay with them again. before too long. 

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