... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Brockwell Park: Bombus on Lupinus

Crisper bee detail (and more pollen and aphids visible) in large.
Pollen-free Alternative: Gilded fiddlehead sculpture
Vertebrate Alternative: Canada gosling with parent

Back to Brockwell Park to revisit the cootlings, cute Canada goslings, and cygnets. There was also a tiny Canada gosling (which was limping badly), and we saw the moorhenling (which was walking well in spite of its feet...).
As well as this busy bumble bee, I found a cinnamon bug and a yellow ladybird in the walled garden, which was awash with colour as the geraniums, irises, lupins, and poppies were all out...

Others on Flickr here (or right from Coot with two large cootlings).

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