A better foto by iPhone

It's what most people were using!  They were waving around all over.  Saw only a few tablets.   7,000 lanterns, 50,000 people (or more), showers, light rain, no sunset visible this year, moon behind clouds.   Sound system booming with taiko drums, next year (reminder to self) move further down the beach!   
Think that the bokeh above the bokeh line of lanterns were either on the boats collecting the lanterns, or UFOs.
Parked at the convention center about a mile away and walked over.  I was delighted to find the elevator clad in beautiful forest photos of the Pu'u Bird Sanctuary on Maui, with bird calls piped in.  It was magical. 

Spotted this sticker on a lamp post:
     YOU are JUST A ROBOT.   *  Fight organized stalking.com *

In remembrance, May 28, 2018

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