I thought this swallow was catching a big fly.  Until it swiped it again.  And again.

When I caught up with it with my big lens, it seems it was showing off, playing mid-air drop and catch the feather.  Was it a mating display, I wonder?  Or is it a bit late for that? 

Shortly after this, the lad next door caught up with me and I walked through the fields and around the lanes with him for a while before he headed off to the moors.  

How lovely is it when a 16 year old lad can just chat with you and be comfortable in his own shoes?  And more than that, how buoyant he was that he was taking his dog for an explore on the moors on his own where his family don't tend to go.  Just lovely to see a young adult finding the charms of the outdoors beckoning from within.

I walked home smiling.

...pushing the boundaries of TinyTuesday, R7, I know. But it is tiny and soft so I couldn’t resist!

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