By RealSandee

Team Red Stone

Today was the day I saw myself on a big screen. I was so nervous! It was great, I loved it (the movie, not talking about my voice haha).

Around 6.45 pm we met at the Cameo in Edinburgh - the team was complete! J, G, K and C, J and L and I were sitting next to each other in the audience. I bought a big portion a popcorn (haven't had my dinner!) and a glass of red wine. Great combination haha.

I'm unsure how many movie were shown (didn't count) but some of them were very weird (especially the stories).

At the end of all the screenings one person per group stood at the front (additional picture) to quickly remind the audience of their movie in one sentence, one thing that happened whilst filming and a reason why the audience should choose their movie. There was also a Q&A in the end.

I must say I had a great time and I'm sure the entire audience too.

Once the screening A (our screening - there was a B afterwards we didn't attend) was over we left the cinema, took a quick group photo and then I went home (it was 10.30pm already).

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