Garden Bird Collage.

A lot of activity in the garden today.  The blue tits are wearing themselves out, backwards and forwards with food in their beaks.  There must babies in the nest box. I thought I saw a baby goldfinch, but was not able to take a shot as there were too many leaves in the way.  An adult had taken up a look out position on top of the Magnolia, most unusual we only normally see them on the feeders.  The round green feeder has been hanging there for a couple of years but not a single bird has been near it, but suddenly it is very popular with the different finches., they have to go right inside it now to get at the suet with berries and insects.  Finally this afternoon a magpie decided to visit.  It has been raining on and off all day, I should think the sky must be empty by now:-))
I think I have caught up with your journals now, if I have missed anyone, please forgive me.

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